Siding Repair in Coaldale

Call Southern Trough & Exteriors Ltd for all your exterior siding repairs. No problem is too small for us to address, and keeping your business or home properly insulated and protected from water infiltration is worth it. Even the smallest crack can be a threat, so call us now at (403) 892-6450 to have it taken care of right away.

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Commercial and Home Siding Repair With Southern Trough & Exteriors Ltd

All siding, no matter how durable, is subject to wear and tear over time or with some ‘bad luck’. Luckily, in Coaldale, our talented team of siding repair specialists is available to overturn that misfortune with same-day repairs that last. Speedy repairs are part of our policy, so we can do our best to protect your property from the threatening water damage and get that energy consumption back down.

Dependable Siding Repair Company

Our licensed and certified siding repair company experience shows in the reliability of our assessments and the quality of our work. When we inspect your property, we can quickly determine if repairs are the best route to restoring siding. We calculate an estimate and return to perform same-day repairs.

Before leaving, we always suggest signing up for our maintenance program, an annual or biannual check-up and wash of your siding, to keep your property well insulated and safe.

Siding Repair Services Revive Siding

Often, clients call us in the correct circumstances, and repairs are, in fact, the order of the day. Occasionally, we find that siding has gone to the point of no return, and a full replacement is required. On the best days, clients who heard they needed partial or full siding replacements call us for a second opinion (always a good idea before committing to any major renovation), and we find the information they received was in error and repair is all that’s needed.

Skilled Siding Contractor

Our prowess with siding repair means that whatever the situation at your home or business, we can take care of it. There isn’t material or style of siding we haven’t worked with multiple times before. We are familiar and comfortable with every repair imaginable and carry a large enough inventory to always be able to match missing or broken pieces of siding.

We look forward to a repair that challenges us, so please call us for yours!  Our repairs techniques apply to:

  • Vinyl, Fiber cement
  • Wood, Engineered wood
  • Aluminum, Steel
  • Brick, Stucco, Stone
  • Shake, Shingles, Scallops
  • Board and Batten
  • Lap, Dutch Lap, Clapboard
  • Horizontal, Vertical
  • Beaded
  • Quarter/Half Round/Log

Siding Company Repairs

The most common problems we have encountered are dents and dings, cracks and holes, paint, and sealant issues, separating pieces, missing pieces, noisy loose pieces, and warping tight pieces. None of these are to be too concerned about, but only if you get them attended to immediately. Don’t risk avoidable water damage or excess energy use.

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