Siding Replacement in Coaldale

Problems with your siding are never fun. Luckily calling Southern Trough & Exteriors Ltd to cart away the old siding and install new is the best move you can make! Our experts will keep that dry comfort uninterrupted and improved without breaking the bank.

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Southern Trough & Exteriors Ltd: Your Local Siding Replacement Company

If our name sounds familiar it’s because we are known to have the most qualified, talented team under our umbrella. We’ve mastered the strip-down process of old siding removal and the prepping of the exterior for the new siding.

Like clockwork, we’ll install that new siding without any gaps, not too tight and loose, leaving it ready to keep water rolling off and the temperatures inside as comfortable as possible. That’s the advantage of calling Southern Trough & Exteriors Ltd.

Experienced Siding Contractor

Whatever siding you choose, in whatever placement, we will be successful. Our siding replacements go smoothly with critical attention paid to every important detail. We’ve worked with every material in different styles enough to earn a versatility most other local siding companies lack.

Plus, we are connected with Coaldale’s most resourceful suppliers, stocked with everything from timeless classic styles and standard colors to modern and contemporary technologically advanced siding, parts, tools, and equipment. You can’t find a better selection without leaving the area code!

Complete Siding Services

What does this variety and versatility mean to our clients? It means anything is possible for their property’s exterior! Get a fresh version of the look you’ve adored or go for something completely different. The same property can have an entirely different appearance with a simple siding renovation! The housing market puts so much emphasis on curb appeal; we haven’t finished a single project where the customer wasn’t delighted with the new look and

quality of their home’s facade. Curb appeal for days! And the raised value of your home is a wonderful plus.

Flexible Siding Company

We look forward to perfecting your siding replacement and any gutter work you need to be taken care of as well. We are A to Z gutter experts and will hang them to compliment your new exterior seamlessly for added water damage protection. Other services we can provide you with are siding and gutter:

  • Repair
  • Maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Design consultation
  • Inspection

Professional Siding Contractor Skills

We know the pros and cons of every material of siding and in every style. Allow us to help you weed through the choices until you’re left with the best one for your project. We are experts with siding made of:

  • Aluminum and steel
  • Wood and engineered wood
  • Vinyl
  • Fiber cement
  • Brick, stone, and stucco

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Time is of the essence to keep the dry comfort of your home uninterrupted and stop any chance of water damage and energy overuse. We are reachable at (403) 892-6450 right now.