Gutter Guard Installation in Lethbridge

A gutter guard is the ultimate tool for keeping leaves and debris out of your gutter and ensuring only water gets past the guard. A gutter in proper working order is a must for every property owner wanting to keep their home or business free of water contamination. Rain is inevitable, but water damage doesn’t have to be.

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Advantageous Gutter Guard Installation With Southern Trough & Exteriors Ltd

A gutter guard fits over your existing gutter, blocking everything but water from entering. Without a gutter guard, leaves, sticks, rocks, mud, and even nests are all frequently found inside a gutter.

Most people have their gutters cleaned out once, sometimes twice a year. Few think to do it after a significant storm when things fly around the most. Left to collect and build, blockages will start damming up rainwater, preventing it from flowing down and away through the downspout.

Benefits of Gutter Guards

A full gutter is heavy and will begin sagging. Dammed water will damage the roof’s edge and eventually the attic. When that water overflows, it will course down the side of a home or business and straight into the ground, absorbing into the foundation. This is where water damage settles in, behind cracks in the exterior, often into the walls, and where the structural integrity can be threatened by a weakened foundation.

Leading Gutter Guard Installation Company

Professional installation is a must with gutter guards because one wrong move and debris will get back in. Our experts know the perfect technique and materials required for flawless gutter guard installation. We will assess the type of guard most beneficial in each client’s circumstances, factoring in budget and rooftop exposure.

Together with the client, we’ll make the best decision between these different gutter guards:

  • Micro-mesh and mesh
  • Reverse curve or surface tension
  • Aluminum, vinyl, or plastic screen
  • Brush
  • Foam

Preferred Gutter Guard Installation Company

Lethbridge consumers have made us the number one local gutter guard specialists. We think the winning recipe is knowledge mixed with skill blended with trustworthiness and topped with service. Bottom line, they know gutter guards we install are gutter guards that work and last, requiring minimal maintenance, for years.

We have perfected our recipe and have added services to accommodate our clients even more, including:

  • Gutter guard installation
  • Gutter inspections
  • Gutter repairs
  • Gutter maintenance
  • Gutter and gutter guard cleaning
  • Gutter guard replacement
  • Gutter replacement

Highest Rated Gutter Guard Installation Services

Our gutter guard installation services have a dual effect. They increase protection and safety for every building on which they work. The offshoot of that is the increased peace of mind they give property owners. Gutter guard installation is a win/win.

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