Gutter Repair in Lethbridge

Professional gutter repair specialists are the ticket to safe-proofing commercial and residential properties from water damage. Southern Trough & Exteriors Ltd gutter repair company is a team of dedicated experts in the field, equipped with top-of-the-line materials and tools that restore gutters to like new condition.

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Southern Trough & Exteriors Ltd: Gutter Repair Experts

The closer gutter repairs happen to a gutter’s first malfunction, the better. Knowing this, we try to get our certified gutter repair experts to your property within days of you contacting us. We strive to avoid a repair morphing into a full gutter replacement, so we work quickly and precisely to overturn problematic gutter sections.

Our years of school training and field practice are evident in the speed with which we complete repairs and the renewed quality of the gutter system as a whole.

Save on labor costs by hiring Lethbridge’s most efficient and exacting gutter repair company to stop your gutter’s deterioration in its tracks.

Essential Gutter Repair

When gutters malfunction, water collects and overflows from the top, putting the home or business it had previously protected in harm’s way. Water is the gateway to moisture, mold, mildew, moss and all the subsequent troublesome and expensive problems accompanying them.

In order to protect your investment, the property you own and everyone and everything inside it, call us as soon as you observe or suspect a need of repair. The most obvious signs repairs are in order are:

  • Disconnected gutter sections
  • Cracks or holes in the gutter or downspout
  • Sagging or bulging of the roofline or gutters look uneven
  • Screws appear loose or have fallen out
  • Water doesn’t drain from the bottom of the downspout during rainfall
  • Puddling occurs at the base of home or business during rainfall
  • Rainwater overflows from gutter
  • Peeling paint on gutter
  • Signs of water damage on wall below gutter or at base of exterior walls
  • Signs of water damage, mold, and mildew in the attic

Gutter Repairs Prevent and Prolong Gutter Replacement

Sometimes a gutter is old, and repair is no longer an option. If we observe this during our assessment and inspection of your current gutter, we won’t waste your time suggesting repairs and will recommend you plan for a replacement. Hopefully, the gutter in question still has many peak performance years ahead of it and needs minor or major repairs to restore it.

Waiting too long for the repairs, even on a ‘young’ gutter system, could result in a replacement. A full or even partial gutter replacement is a much more significant financial burden and renovation than a handful of repairs.

Don’t delay in booking Southern Trough & Exteriors Ltd’s visit to your property.

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Prioritize your gutter repairs and enjoy many more years of the protection a great water management system is supposed to provide. We are ready to take all your questions and schedule you for an estimate today.

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