Siding Services in Taber

Taking good care of your siding is one of the best ways you can ensure the longevity of your building and stave off repairs. Siding is a defense against moisture and temperature extremes and is essential to your building’s insulation.

When you need siding installed or repaired, contact the established professionals at Southern Trough & Exteriors Ltd. We’re Taber’s top siding contractors, offering every siding service you could need, from regular maintenance to complete replacement.

To navigate the vast world of exterior siding, call the experts at (403) 892-6450.

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Complete Siding Services from Southern Trough & Exteriors Ltd

We perform every level of siding service. We’re no stranger to large jobs—we do total replacements for siding no longer serving its purpose, including removing and disposing of the old siding material. We’re also very familiar with the process of installing siding on new constructions. For these large-scale projects, we use every bit of our talent, skill, and knowledge to deliver a final product that has unbeatable quality in performance and appearance.

For smaller jobs, such as siding repair or maintenance, we’re happy to bring our expertise to bear on the best solution. We work with many types of siding materials to match existing siding and provide seamless repairs.

Trust our experienced siding contractors with your vision. Our craftsmanship and precision lead to spectacular results.

Find a Residential Siding Company Near You

Your home is a place of relaxation and comfort—the last place you want to feel threatened by the wind and rain. Ensure your siding is keeping the outdoor elements at bay by contacting reputable experts near you as soon as you suspect an issue with your exterior.

With extensive experience installing and maintaining precise and detailed siding on residential properties, Southern Trough & Exteriors Ltd should be your first call when you’re looking for a reliable siding contractor. Call us anytime to get the best in the business working on your beloved home.

A Siding Company Offering Full Inspections

Before starting any siding project, we’re happy to offer our clients a complete inspection and assessment of their siding’s current condition. We rely on our expertise to inspect the existing siding and determine what level of service is needed to restore safety to the home or business. We consult at length to get an idea of the client’s preferences and budget before offering recommendations and discussing cost estimates.

Our knowledge and customer service are a huge source of comfort and inspiration to clients confused or overwhelmed about which materials to pick in what style. We take the time to counsel our clients on every type and which would be best for their project.

We offer many siding options, including:

  • Aluminum and steel
  • Wood, brick, and stone
  • Vinyl
  • Fiber cement
  • Stucco
  • Horizontal and vertical
  • Shake, shingle, and scallop
  • Lap, Dutch lap, and clapboard
  • Board and batten
  • Half-round and log

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The importance of hiring industry experts for functional siding can’t be overestimated. For seamless, stylish siding, perfectly installed to safeguard your building, there’s no more qualified local siding contractor than Southern Trough & Exteriors Ltd.

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Reach out to us at (403) 892-6450 for the best siding work in the area.